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ECE 3613: Electromagnetic Fields I

Semester: Fall

The intent of this class is to provide students with mathematical tools and physical knowledge required to comprehend the electrical phenomena that enables the operation of electrical and computer systems. Topics of discussion for this class are vector analysis, electrostatic fields in a vacuum and within a material media, magnetostatic fields in a vacuum and within a material media, electromagnetic fields and Maxwell's equations for static and time-varying sources, and the relationship between field and circuit theory. The beginning of this course includes a refresher on core calculus concepts in order to let students deeply understand the "story" that the mathematics is trying to tell. Following the math refresher, traditional EM concepts are derived, intuitively explained, validated through simulations, and applied through several examples. The course is focused on teaching students how to build foundational problem solving skills and "apply" mathematics to any EM problem to develop strong engineering skills as opposed to blindly "turning the wheel" on the math.

ECE 4703/5703: Electromagnetic Fields and Wave Propagation

Semester: Fall

Upon completion of this course, student will know, understand (intuitively and mathematically), and be able to apply Maxwell's equations. All material in electromagnetics stems and can be derived from Maxwell's equations. After this course you will also be able to derive, understand, and apply plane wave, boundary conditions,  and waveguide equations. There will also be detailed discussion on transmission line theory and how to design them. Students will understand and be able to design resonant structures, in particular empty/loaded cavities and linear antennas. This class contains a midterm project focused on learning and utilizing the high frequency structure simulator (HFSS) software from ANSYS, which is a finite-element-method electromangetic solver. This includes understanding basic simulation functionality, modeling designs, boundary/port definitions, and symmetry. The final project in this class requires the design of multiple electromagnetic "components" from design equations derived in class to final simulations verifying the theory and understanding the total design process. This is a senior level / masters level class focused on introducing students to the vast world of RF/microwave engineering and preparing students for graduate research in this area.

ECE 4973/5973: RF/Microwave Circuits

Semester: Spring

This class will focus on the art of integrated microwave electronics and offer fundamental electromagnetic analysis techniques to de-bunk the so called black-magic of RF/Microwave circuits. The class will have an emphasis on board-level concepts that require looking through a pair of electromagnetic goggles to truly understand the phenomena that can either result in a successful or unsuccessful board spin. For example, have you ever wanted to know what all those vias do on an evaluation board? Do they serve a purpose? How would I know where and how many vias to place? This example illustrates how each and every via on a printed circuit board serves a very important purpose. This is one example of many topics to be covered in this class where we will evaluate the problem, understand the electromagnetic phenomena, model its effective behavior, and derive a solution using core electromagnetic understanding. The outcome of this class is for students to have a series of design guidelines, both from the notes and project reports, that can be referenced for future RF/microwave designs. This course is purely project based and exposes students to both traditional circuit simulator software (ADS Keysight) and a finite-element-method electromagntic solver (HFSS) to develop critical modeling and simulation skills desired in industry.

Previous, Current, and Future Courses

ECE 4703/5703: Electromagnetic Fields and Wave Propagation                                                                         Fall 2022

ECE 3613: Electromagnetic Fields I                                                                                                                     Fall 2021

ECE 4973/5973: RF/Microwave Circuits                                                                                                         Spring 2021

ECE 4703/5703: Electromagnetic Fields and Wave Propagation                                                                         Fall 2020

ECE 4973/5973: RF/Microwave Circuits                                                                                                         Spring 2020

ECE 3613: Electromagnetic Fields I                                                                                                                     Fall 2019

ECE 4703/5703: Electromagnetic Fields and Wave Propagation                                                                         Fall 2018

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